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Neil Hamburger: Awfully Funny

neilham Neil Hamburger: Awfully Funny

Neil Hamburger, America’s funny man, is here to drive a spork full of comedy into your brain. Hamburger gleefully carries the torch of the late great Tony Clifton (Andy Kaufman’s alter ego),  and has been embodying awfulness since the early nineties.  Sporting his trademark comb-over and tuxedo, Hamburger’s comedy bits revolve around the use of “Why does…?” or “What do you get when…” jokes (mostly about celebrities), all the while constantly clearing his throat and neurotically pacing. Nevertheless, the merit of Hamburger’s art can not be read strictly in terms of his jokes.  Hamburger isn’t a comedian but rather a performance artist. His entire gestalt, gestures, wardrobe, and persona all contribute to deconstructing the general idea of the comedian—revealing the sad and desperate nature of the comedian all while holding the mirror up to ourselves

As with most great artists, Hamburger’s art was initially untimely. However, when the current hip comedy tastes often lean towards the DaDa escapades of Time and Eric: Awesome Show and Aqua Teen Hunger Force, a new demographic is poised to take notice of Hamburger’s work. Look for his new game show The New Big Ball, produced by Tim and Eric.

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by William M. Bass

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