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Unouomedude crafts pop gems that go beyond genre limitations

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When my brain hears the word Florida, it is usually confronted with the harsh and vapid realities that I imagine one is confronted with there: Old People, Limp Bizkit, and Disneyland.  Nevertheless, out of the sea of plastic faces and places something genuine can occasionally be constructed. The sound of Unouomedude does just that. While Unououmedude might be lumped in to the same bin as such artists as Washed out, Toro Y Moi, etc. His music transcends the emotional apathy of said artists. Taking cues from TV on the Radio and Brian Wilson, Unououmedude’s blissed out pop carries an emotional and anthemic weight to it, forcing the listener out of their sno-cone stupor and into their emotional body. While his music seems to be in it’s nascent stage, Unouomedude’s natural ability to craft pop gems that go beyond mere genre limitations, will help him thrive after the glo-fi wave has receded.

Be in the know over at his MySpace page.

by William Bass

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