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DELTA SPIRIT show review at Emo’s in Austin Texas

DSC 0096 1 DELTA SPIRIT show review at Emos in Austin Texas

Simply said, it was a hot night last Saturday in Texas. To make matters worse, Emo’s, an Austin outdoor music venue, comes equipped with a roof that also doubles as the State’s largest easy bake oven. Even with it only being 85 degrees outside, it would seem that the hottest an open air space could get would be slightly above standard body temperature. Not the case, it must have been 120 and humid as hell, but that didn’t stop the Delta Dedicated from coming out in full force.

The Delta Spirit came out to a monumental roar, quite impressive compared to the small venue size. The band started out strong playing mainly their high energy Indy Rock songs. Honestly, the lead singer, Matt Vasquez, probably could have gotten away without opening his mouth for the first three songs as the majority of the crowd knew all the lyrics and were happy to prove it.

The set was a great mix from the bands small arsenal of songs. There was a little less of a crowd response to the band’s songs from their freshly released album last month, but that was to be expected. The crowd enjoyed every minute. It even seemed like the band was having a great time too, much more than you would expect from a traveling show. It could have been that Matt’s mom was in the audience or knowing that the band had roots in Texas (both of which Matt happily divulged), but it was probably just the insane crowd.

Being my first Delta Spirit show, I was not expecting such a high energy, crowd driven set. It was incredible in comparison to their already great albums. A must see live act. The Delta Spirit may be from California, but for now, they are welcome in Austin Texas.

Check out the band’s myspace page HERE.

By: Brad O’Donnell

Check out exclusive video footage from this show below:

Flickr Video

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