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Mp3: BUNNY-Music-Art-Fashion & 3 Tracks

bunny Mp3: BUNNY Music Art Fashion & 3 Tracks

Brooklyn’s BUNNY formerly BUNNY RABBIT pumps out haunting new-wave dance infused tunes with  sexy  monotone vocals, cool drum machine loops, and dark minimal ambient synths. Formerly BUNNY’s music was created with the help of  Black Cracker and Shannon Funchess(live drums), but now she’s flying solo and creating everything herself.  Shannon  and Bruno Coviello are now in the group Light Asylum, if you like BUNNY definitely check these guys out. You should also check out Follower, BUNNY’s other project with Amber Ibarreche aka The 16th Hour. They have been around for around a year and have been playing tons of shows in the NY area. They are recording a new E.P. and are really excited to release it, and also just had a group art show together at the Pendu Gallery in Williamsburg.  BUNNY is a busy bunny she’s also into art/fashion,  check out her clothing company GOD COMPLEX  HERE.

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