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Party Trash

partytrashmusic Party Trash
Someone is slowly walking down a long hallway. The tepid footsteps signaling something’s demise, foreboding synthesizers enter, strobe lights appear, and your pulse begins to thicken. You are briefly pulled from the scene as you realize that it is just a movie; however, a peculiar realization. Your memory begins to bubble with terror as you watch your skin tightens against your bones. “Oh my God, that is me.” Such is the existential terror induced by the electro-haze racket of Party Trash.

There seems to be a refreshing dearth of information regarding the existence of Party Trash.  Their website doesn’t go anywhere and their MySpace page is strictly representative of their aesthetic.  In an age of information overload. The sense of mystery is a refreshing one indeed.

So what does Party Trash sound like? Party Trash is what we will all be listening to when the space-time fabric collides due to information overload and our existence is pixelated into a hyper-kinetic collage of itself. Never mind, too late.

YouTube Preview Image

The mystery continues here.

by William Bass

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