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ART: Superoboturbo

SuperRoboTurbo thescienceofdesign ART: Superoboturbo
Dutch-born Jordy van den Nieuwendijk is a modern day illustrator based in the Netherlands.  His art captures a fun technicolor dreamland that  all wish could be brought to life. By giving his work a cursory glance, one is able to make sense of his stage-name and can guess that this guy is pretty into robots.

jordy ART: Superoboturbo

He has drawn some children pieces consisting of fantasy landscapes and characters that are simply detailed, creating a world for himself that resembles a punk rock version of the children’s game Candyland. Though he mostly uses acrylic throughout his illustrations, he has also turned some of his friends into three dimensional sculptures, and has an impressive amount of graphic design work that can be checked out on his portfolio/website at HERE.

By: Sydney Lara

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