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Mp3: Download R. Stevie Moore Tribute Album Vol.2 “New Wave Moons”

artworks 000001746414 sjy3dc crop copy Mp3: Download R. Stevie Moore Tribute Album Vol.2 New Wave Moons

We are proud to present and release volume 2, ‘New Wave Moons” of the R. Stevie Moore Tribute box set.  “New Wave Moons”  features 23 tracks from artist including: Jason Falkner, The Branflakes, HIFIKLUB, Todd Dillingham, Yukio Yung, More & Gendel, Martin Newell, Victor Lovera, Amy Annelle, Ergo Phizmiz, pHoaming Edison

The song selection for “New Wave Moons” were delicately arranged by R. Stevie Moore himself.  Download it for FREE below.

We want to thank each and every over 100+ bands who have submitted R. Stevie Moore cover songs.  Please stay posted, we intend to release  additional volumes. To  submit songs for future volumes go HERE.(Make sure you name the original file correctly before you send it, song name first and then your band name)

Download Full Album Vol. 2 “New Wave Moons” HERE

VOLUME TWO - “New Wave Moons” (79:30)
RELEASE DATE: Monday July 19, 2010

1. Play Myself Some Music-Jason Falkner (3:52)
2. First-Hand/Caffeine Boy – W. Bisig (3:37)
3. Everyone but Everyone, Boy - Branson Pickle (5:21)
4. Human Race – The PityFucks (live) (3:09)
5. Traded My Heart for Your Parts - More Gendel (4:21)
6. I Wanna Hit You - Charles De Goal (2:08)
7. Showing Shadows/That Long Walk to the Barn 6AM – Dr. Tim’s Banana Paradise (5:38)
8. Another Day Slips Away - Roger Ferguson (4:10)
9. She’s Dead - Scott Michael Gilliam (3:10)
10. Norway – Yukio Yung (2:52)
11. Sperm Concern – Martin Newell (3:05)
12. The New Phonographers – The Bran Flakes (3:00)
13. Who Killed Davey Moore? – Jeffrey Lewis (0:56)
14. I Hope That You Remember- Echo Orbiter (2:43)
15. Everything - Griffin Sisters (2:24)
16. This Wednesday/New Girl - Otto Reverse (3:38)
17. Naked – Terry Folger (1:58)
18. New Wave – The New Magic Raincoats (3:43)
19. 1-2-3 Mud – Deluxin’ (2:06)
20. Benefit of the Doubt – Amy Annelle (5:08)
21.. Alecia – HIFIKLUB (2:35)
22. Moons – Todd Dillingham with Debstar and Jazzy Crabb(6:05)
23. To Old To Fall In Love-Eric Matthews (3:40)

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