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Mp3: Motherland-2nd EP “Rich & Mellow” out soon

motherland Mp3: Motherland 2nd EP Rich & Mellow out soon

Sometimes there’s a thin-line to be tread between 80s synth-driven Euro-trash and awesome (see: Ariel Pink). I’ll leave this one up to the readers. Motherland is a relatively obscure four-member group based in Berlin but made up of members from NYC, Milan, Germany and England whose tracks sting with piercing drum machine and obnoxious synth lines. Motherland has played shows for some rather bizarre events- conceptual weddings between design students and their clothes, Mickey Mouse Zombie Catwalks, and week-long rehearsal intalations. Each member of the group keep themselves busy with other artforms besides music. Marcy is designing clothes for friends in London- she recently made costumes for Light Asylum and Sally Schinter. Sam is making club music for Ibiza, and collaborating with dj Jeffrey Sfire on an Italo disco project for Ghostly International. Sab is making dubstep music in Berlin, and Matthew is a performance/visula artist and dancer check out his website HERE. If you’re in the mood for some classic dark electro-funk slaughtering of the English language, check these guys out, also Look for their 2nd EP entitled “Rich and Mellow” which will be out soon, check their myspace for details.

Preview Motherlands new record HERE

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

By: Cassandra Gillig

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