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new WAVVES album has washed up on our sun-cracked shores

waaves new WAVVES album has washed up on our sun cracked shores

It’s officially summertime. The sun has reached its northernmost extreme and the new Wavves album has washed up on our sun-cracked shores.  It seems that after his MDMA and Valium fueled breakdown, Waaves, Nathan Williams, has seen the light of clarity and diversity over lo/fi obfuscation on his new album with esteemed producer Dennis Herring.

The new album aptly titled, King of the Beach, expands Williams’s palette, integrating doo-wop, pop punk, and R&B into his catchy pop equations.While the familiar teenage subject matters are still present: super soakers, baseball cards, and surfing; Waaves’ lyrics are now more audible. The new production value  has forced Williams into putting more thought into crafting his songs and subject matter, instead of the caffienated haze of his previous album. Nevertheless,  the new Waaves album, along with contemporary Best Coast, embody that beach side California sensation all us land locked losers can only dream of.

You can stream the new album here. The Album is out digitally; however, all you wierdos who like physical copies of their music, CD or Vinyl, will have to wait until August 3 to get in on the fun.

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by William Bass

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