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Polaroids from Georgia– Ernest Greene is Washed Out

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A one-man army, Georgian Ernest Greene puts up a valiant front. In a world of bedroom-recording-studio indie artists, Greene certainly stands out with his deceptively plural-sounding electro-pop band, Washed Out. The name itself is apropos—Greene’s music sounds like a blurred, old Polaroid photo, left out on a wall to bleach and fade in the sun but still managing to retain a happy significance of memory. Happiness, albeit watermarked throughout Greene’s tracks, is a consistent theme—behind the softened bass beats run endlessly positive (and kind of cute) electric-piano riffs. Upon visiting his personal blog, you realize that Greene is a jack of all trades—his often washed-out, but elegantly framed photography and videos are just as ethereal as his music.

By, dale bachman

see his myspace here

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