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Dreaming With Fossil Cities

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With a mix of soft folky-goodness, light female vocals, and an occasionally psychedelic wave of keyboards, Fossil Cities takes a nostalgic look at childhood with a cool new style of music. While their songs may not directly cover their childhood antics, their song titles reflect children’s games that seem to have had a large impact on their style of music. “Little Indian,” which is one of my favorite songs, talks about her “little Indian,” while she sings the chorus like an Indian chant; her voice is reminiscent of a child singing a playful tune. That’s not the only example: “Trampolines” has a playful guitar line underneath speedy vocals, “Snow Day” is a pretty piece that sounds like an Aimee Mann song, all while having the mystic charm and delicacy of falling snow (using keyboards), and “Stupid Things” is a bit more sad sounding, but the vocals accent the song lightly and perfectly. Fossil Cities creates a nostalgic memory that most of us don’t normally get to share, all while using these small vocal and musical accents to get us through the haze of summertime. Check them out here and also on their website.

By Alex Marga

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