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Hear new An American Chinese LP: ‘Utopia Tree’

An American Chinese

Hark! Philly’s finest story-telling folk-popsters -¬†An American Chinese -¬†have made the entirety of their fine new LP, Utopian Tree, available over on their bandcamp page. Sup at the font of mercurial indie goodness while it’s still fresh and free! Guaranteed to heal all Rihanna-addled ears. Your first mouthful could yield a mouthful of pinger-picked steelstrings (‘No No Like That’), the second a three minute shindigging electrocution (‘Chasing Rabbit’). Don’t say they didn’t surprise you. I even sense a Beatles reference in ‘Building a Blue Jay’. Or is it just me?

For extra laughs have a nose around the twee septet’s very own website, in all its old school point and click glory, or watch the frankly bewildering video for single ‘Panic Pilgrim, Quick Grab Your Suitcase,’ below.

By, Richard Greenan.

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