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Meet ALAK: California’s Latest Freak Folk Virtuosos


Along with three Californian bandmates Jeannie Masterflash, Drew Walker  and Kali Kalahari, Jocelyn Noir has crafted a sentimental yet striking blend of west coast weirdness. Under the moniker ALAK (formerly Alas, alak, Alaska!), Noir  and friends have swirled together a sound that is fundamentally folk, with sinister synth and purposeful acoustic guitar to navigate the very Animal Collective-esque musical swells they call songs. The tip toe of “Doc’s New Super Leo” sounds nothing like the  plucking away on “Soul Mates”, but ALAK‘s work is held together by a dark consistency that is also quite enchanting. Music for the cynics, one might say, although the homepage of their website triumphantly reads: “Life’s not so bad; you made it through a river of shit and judges and no magic.” Magic they may not be, but they certainly seem to have a few tricks up their sleeves.

By Carly Lewis

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