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Synth-funk mixtapes from COM TRUISE

podcast 1!

I don’t want to see Tom Cruise’s face when I listen to this, it just happens. Click the button and there he is, locking me with his manic crinkly eyes and gameshow host rigor mortis grin. But can I blame the name (wordplay!), or the music itself? Well, both actually.

Com Truise‘s music evokes a time of aviators and pink neon signs; Russians were scary and it was the norm to stage semi-erotic games of beach volleyball with your skimpily clad servicemen friends. In other words, Com Truise creates music for fighter jet montages. Vintage synthesizers are coupled with drum beats so dosed in gated reverb it sounds like they were recorded in a large cathedral. That’s not to say Com Truise is totally backwards looking – occasionally the drums stutter madly, causing the track to evolve into something more resembling the glitchy, sample-heavy beat-orchestrations we’ve come to expect from the likes of Flying Lotus. In fact, the more listens I give Com Truise, the more samples I discover – ‘Dreambender’ lifts the bassline from Joy Division’s ‘Transmission’, cleverly weaving it into a pensive electro-ballad.

Click here to sample Com Truise’s delightful podcasts. Described by the man himself as ‘vintage synth-funk for the modern nostalgic individual’, they mash up amusing dialogue (footage from the Sydney Computer Exhibition circa 1985!), super obscure tech-boogy tracks, and a sprinkling of his own tunes. It all smacks of the tongue-in-cheek educational video parodies, ‘Look Around You‘, if you ask me.  SCIENCE!

Richard Greenan.

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