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Interview: Fungi Girls

fungi girls Interview: Fungi Girls

Texas’s offerings in recent years have become mainstays on the independent scene, and, somewhere inside its precious musical biome, there is Fungi Girls. The trio of teenage heart throbs (Skyler Salinas, Jacob Bruce, and Deryck Barrera) recently signed to HoZac records and will be bringing their impressive pscyh/gaze/garage sound to the West Coast for the first time this July. I talked to drummer Skyler Salinas about the tour and their new 7″ (available here).

SICK OF THE RADIO: How did the HoZac deal come about? How did you guys feel about signing to a label with such a huge reputation?

FUNGI GIRLS: We recorded some songs back in January for a couple different 7″s to be released on Group Tightener and Psychic Lunch Records, then decided to send them out to labels as kind of a preview of our newer stuff in hopes one of them would want to release an album. HoZac was one of those labels and they responded back pretty quickly telling us they wanted to release both a 7″ and an album. Being able to release stuff with HoZac is really exciting because in addition to them being a bigger label, they’re one of our favorites. Nearly everything they have released so far is great.

SICK OF THE RADIO: In what ways has your sound changed from your first LP to the new 7″? It seems like you guys are always evolving.

FUNGI GIRLS: The first LP was very noisy and shoegaze-y, but at the same time pretty upbeat and poppy. We basically wanted to be Henry’s Dress mixed with Psychocandy. The newer stuff has kind of evolved into a more psych and garage sound and in my opinion, has a much more mature sound to it then the LP.

SICK OF THE RADIO: Why a West Coast tour?

FUNGI GIRLS: I guess we just know more people on the west coast and we’re all kind of more fond of the west coast anyways, so it made sense. Additionally, we got offered to play Pizzafest in Seattle with the Coconut Coolouts, White Mystery, Mickey, Indian Wars, and Meercaz, bands we really like a lot. That kind of finalized our decision on east or west coast.

SICK OF THE RADIO: What new releases do you have planned? Is a second LP coming?

FUNGI GIRLS: The aforementioned 7″s on Group Tightener and Psychic Lunch Records will finally be out soon. A second LP, this time on HoZac, is planned. We are almost done writing for it and will be recording for it in the next month or so.

SICK OF THE RADIO: Who are your favorite local/nonlocal bands?

FUNGI GIRLS: Local we really like Bad Sports and Fergus & Geronimo. If we can count Austin too, we really like Rayon Beach and Woven Bones. Nonlocal, there’s so many – Fresh & Onlys, Indian Wars, The Beets, The Girls At Dawn, The Baths, Thee Oh Sees, G Green, etc.

SICK OF THE RADIO: Do, Marry, Kill: Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Sarah Palin

FUNGI GIRLS: All three of us are kind of ignorant when it comes to politics, but I think we all agree Palin is pretty good looking for a woman her age. I’m not much for either marriage or murder.

SICK OF THE RADIO: Lastly, do you believe in ghosts?

FUNGI GIRLS: Deryck and I do. Jacob doesn’t.

By, Cassandra Gillig

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