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RETRO: Steaming Coals- A bunch of downloads 84′-88′

Steaming+Coils RETRO: Steaming Coals  A bunch of downloads 84 88

Steaming Coils-Lexor Quarter

Stemaing Coils were an L.A. experimental underground group  that started back in 84′ . Their sound is bizarre and spans many styles and influences.  I was searching for the group Vas Deferens Organization and came across Steaming Coils. I was reading a comment on Ariel Pink post claiming that he shouldn’t be coined the godfather of chillwave because VDG invented it back in 93′ long before him.  Click the links below to get a bunch of free downloads from Steaming Coils at both Lastfm and Mutant Sounds.

Download 10 Steaming Coals songs here from lastfm

Download Steaming Coals complete archive  from Mutant Sound

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