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Justice: Electronic with techniques

Auge and de Rosnay duo in the band Justice
There is no mistaking the vigor one feels when listening to Justice’s album Cross. “Genesis,” possibly one of the most powerful songs within the album, certainly evokes an entrancing and almost foreboding propensity within its listeners. “D.A.N.C.E.,” another ¬†vogue piece from the Cross Album, reveals a greater example of the French duo’s stressed noise as the music fluctuates and strains harmoniously. Scores of listeners will be awaiting this hit groups newest album, urning for the thechno sound of the Indie band’s music.

However, Justice recently stated that it would be awhile before they released new music. While performing at Hard Festival in Los Angeles, Xavier de Rosnay stated, “We’re really slow at making music.” The French duo, Gaspard Auge and de Rosnay revealed the reason their song making is paced as so. The team uses samples of songs from bands such as Slipknot, Queen, and 50 Cent within their music. Beginning a song on the piano, the band perfects their tune, then adds splices of different music to create a depth attained by few artists. De Rosnay said, “Once it sounds good on the piano, we produce everything.”

By, Becca Marks

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