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Avant-garde heroes IKE YARD release ‘Nord’

Ike Yard

Factory Records made a name for itself by promoting some of the most groundbreaking and challenging music of the post-punk era, namely stuff from bands like Joy Division, ESG and, later, New Order.

Ike Yard were the first American addition to the Factory Records stable. They made apocalyptic and unsettling art-rock, driven by heavy, dub-influenced basslines, and punctuated by the stuttering metallic clang of drum machines. Some may class this as ‘industrial’ music. Relentlessly pounding synths and garbled sound effects are married with cryptic lyrics – carefully enounced or spookily whispered rather than actually sang – to¬†create threatening, hypnotic alien textures. Ike Yard are still plugging away, even if the industrial music scene isn’t what it once was. The collection¬†Ike Yard 1980-82 was released back in 2006, and this month the band put out an entire album of experimental new material, entitled Nord.* Feel free to sample it here or check out their video below!

YouTube Preview Image

Richard Greenan.

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