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Synth Punk band ‘The Units’ keep a revolution going

the units Synth Punk band The Units keep a revolution going

“Obviously people with as little taste as yourself would become ecstatic over some one with such average talent.” This one of the intros for The Units done by Dirk Dirksen in 1979, I wouldn’t call the Unit average talent but they call themselves syth punk. According to the band synth punk is “Synthpunk is a music genre name that was brought to light through the Synthpunk.org website. Our friend, Damian Ramsey, created Synthpunk.org in 1999 as an attempt to retroactively identify a small sub-genre of punk music from 1977-1984 that involved musicians playing synthesizers in place of guitars.”

The Units are combining the angst of punk with the dance like synth of the 80’s. If you check out their Myspace, it has many 1950’s propaganda films as well as excerpts from the “History of the Units” Cd/Book. “Fuck the guitars, it was 1978 and guitar boy bands had been the norm for over 25 years.” For more raging against the guitar, check out their new vinyl “History of the Units” which is out now.

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By Aisha

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