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ART: Fontain Anderson is drawn to dreams

fontaineanderson ART: Fontain Anderson is drawn to dreams

Fontain Anderson’s work evokes the true essence of dreaming—images meant to be forgotten.  As in most dreamscapes, the viewer travels effortlessly to strange yet familiar lands. With the simple innocence of a young girl as are companion, we see Egyptian Gods, Alaska totem poles, and the rarest landscapes of our most secret mind. Sometimes the images are slightly provocative but always displayed in a serene manner where the rational mind must surrender and allow the subconscious to simply understand and trust the intent of the Artist.  The images, whether domestic or urban in theme, are both simple and complex, utilizing a satisfying use of color and clarity.  Fontain Anderson is an artist who defiantly trusts in the instinct of the human soul to understand and convey meaning, even when there is none.  The result is a deeply pleasurable experience for the viewer, to know that we all that this one thread in common.  We all dream.

By, Martha Raymond

fontaine2 ART: Fontain Anderson is drawn to dreams

gallery71 ART: Fontain Anderson is drawn to dreams

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