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Mp3: The Road Goes Ever On mixtape “Small Summits” Download

tumblr l44usuGVnu1qzeboyo1 400 Mp3: The Road Goes Ever On mixtape Small Summits Download

Download it Here

This weeks mix is a little bit different because we are featuring a mix tape from an awesome blog called the “The Road Goes Ever On”. Read the desciption of the album below from TheRoadGoesEverOn :

Fresh new mix-tape delivered by one of my absolute favorite tumblr blogs. This baby features two Wonder Beard bands and plenty of friends and is essential summer listening.
After over a month’s worth of preparation and interaction with some of today’s most generous and talented artists, I am proud to present you with The Road Goes Ever On’s first mix tape. Not only were these artists kind enough to correspond with me, they were willing to share unreleased material exclusively for this album – some even creating entirely new songs to premiere on the tape. With that said, I encourage you to not only take advantage of the wealth of free music they are all putting out on their bandcamp and SoundCloud pages, but also to give what you can to fuel their future work. While these acts may not sell out stadiums or top billboards charts, the songs on this tape, along with all the music they’ve released thus far, show that they possess the ability to carry us to unexpected heights. With that, I am humbled to present Small Summits.

01. Blackbird Blackbird ∆ Kings

02. Persona La Ave ∆ Beach 2 (Gobble Gobble’s R. Kelly Magic Carpet)

03. Jaded Hipster Choir ∆ Peach, Plum, Pear (Joanna Newsom cover)

04. Mickey Brown ∆ Hammered

05. Hooray! ∆ Slow Dancing

06. Mutual Benefit ∆ The Dream

07. Cosmic Sound ∆ Taste the Rain

08. Cold Weather, Cold Water∆ Metal Alligators

09. Persona La Ave ∆ Dunes

10. Mickey Mickey Rourke ∆ The Love Song

11. Teen Daze ∆ Saviour

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