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ART: Born to live life

BTLLstill1 300x225 ART: Born to live life

Andy Roche describes “Born to Live Life” below:
“From 2005, Born to Live Life is an experimental documentary that follows Victor Cayro from deep inside the body to far out into the astral plane. Around the time I made this one, charisma, here something like profound narcissism, transcendental narcissism, was a force I was trying to understand. The summer we shot this I was thinking about Aguirre: The Wrath of God, Space is the Place, and Zardoz. Victor was thinking about Robocop and Die Hard. Dubuque, IA plays itself, Peru, and its cablevisionary double. Victor does something similar.
This film was part of my MFA thesis at SAIC, and it has appeared in many galleries and festivals. One highlight of its screening history is when it won Best of Festival at the 2005 Iowa City Documentary Film Festival with Sam Green and Rebecca Baron as judges.
An imagined feature length version of this with the planned title Crossing Streams never happened, although another short resulted from some additional footage of Harpo Hutchinson, a legendary Dubuque, IA light bulb collector. In the larger film he and Victor were supposed to meet up as avatars in some other space and time, but Harpo didn’t like his costume and wouldn’t wear it.”– Andyroche.org

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