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Vega; Alan Palomo side project


Do you remember the 80’s? If you are like me then all you can remember is getting your diaper changed by you mom. If you can remember the 80’s but all you can also remember is getting your diaper changed then you have bigger fish to fry. Nonetheless, Vega is a band that is a welcome, refreshing throw back to the 80’s. The best part about Vega, you get all of the fun of 80’s music with none of the diapers. Some people have been saying that Vega is “Twinkling ’80s Euro synth-pop…”. Although Vega who is better known as Alan Palomo, have experienced minor set backs, including last year their equipment being stolen. The band is still trekking on despite Palomo’s short breaks in-between to play with a little known band, Neon Indian.

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By Aisha

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