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Mp3: The Plutonians:1981-1983 Rare New Wave Downloads

The Plutonians Promo Photo1983 Mp3: The Plutonians:1981 1983 Rare New Wave Downloads

(Open post to download more songs)

I recently posted an add on craigslist looking for lost DIY recordings from the 80′s and early 90′s and have had great response with a number of bands sending in their music. Scotty from The Plutonians was the first to respond.  There was’nt much info on the net for the Plutonians, and I had to have Scotty email the photo you see above, making me realize the fact that this music is rather rare and probably hasnt seen the light of day for decades. The small amount of info I was able to rile up is that they were a  trio from Dallas that played from 81′-83′ using influences such as punk, psych, and rock to create their new wave sound. The Plutonians recordings are crafted beautifuly and have a wonderful analog 80′s bootleg feel to them that will take you back in time.  Scotty is continuing to dig up old tracks to convert into digital format, so look for more music to come!!

Check out this cool “live”  performance of the Plutonians and flyer for the show below -

Flyer Swisconsin 01 sm Mp3: The Plutonians:1981 1983 Rare New Wave Downloads



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