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Dominant Legs Hail from San Francisco

dominantlegs1 Dominant Legs Hail from San Francisco

Once a singular passion project spear-headed by Ryan William Lynch but now includes Hannah Hunt, is an homage to early 80s soft pop with its introspective and idealistic lyrics and its simple synthesizer cords. Nothing about Dominant Legs sounds particularly “dominant” as you might gather from the band name (not that it fucking matters), the melodies quiver about with little impact on first listen but by round two, you catch yourself being drawn back to their ambrosial tunes. I think they do stripped down, delightful pop best with their demo “Young at Life and Love” which sounds decent with backing vocals by Hannah Hunt but I almost feel she is an unncessary accessory to a few of the songs. “Young at Life and Love” is really the only song that has even a minor hint of complexity in it but that isn’t saying much. The heart of the Dominant Legs lays within Lynch’s voice, as it gives a feeling that any moment he might just break down and lose it, but his low trembles also offer a slightly heartbreaking yet danceable quality. They dig a bit deeper with  “Silly Ones” by dropping some of the synth noise and adding more accoustic guitar which allows the listener a chance to focus on the melancholic nature of the lyrics, which may prove to be the Dominant Legs saving grace.

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