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Total Slacker; not really slacking at all

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With a name like Total Slacker, you would think that that this band would not be doing anything, but you would be wrong. Total Slacker is a band that has been called  “ lo-fi fuzz cut from a different cloth” But do not get me wrong the band still can live up to their name. In a recent interview done with New York Press, Tucker Rountree talks about his band saying “It’s like hanging out on a sunny day in the park. You’ve got some guitars and friends and some 40s, definitely, or a joint. A joint would be nice, and that’s the way it happened.” Dispite the lazy way that the band had been formed, the band members had been hard at work citing early mentor was Eric Johnson, a Grammy-award-winning guitarist, and bassist Emily Oppenheimer is a classically trained pianist and guitarist. If you are not totality laid back then make sure you check out their 1st recording through Impose Records in 7 inch vinyl.

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By Aisha

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