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Arthur & Yu are Folk to the Bone

arthur yu1 Arthur & Yu are Folk to the Bone

Folk music, right now, is the most prolific it’s been since before Bob Dylan went electric. Perhaps this is because of a gloomy economy, or maybe frustrating politics are to blame. Whatever the cause, it’s bands like Arthur & Yu who we have to thank for reminding us how important the genre is. While branches full of sub genres have brought us a rich harvest of folk punk and Anti folk (which we can thank for Beck and Regina Spektor), Arthur & Yu are folk to the bone, their lyrics dreamy and meticulous, their¬†humming harmonies sentimental, sounding something like Simon and Garfunkel with new life blown into it, doing for folk what Broken Social Scene has done for Baroque. ¬†The band is comprised of Seattle duo Grant Olsen and Sonya Westcott, whose debut album, In Camera, was the first ever album to be released on the Hardly Art record label. (You can also catch Olsen playing as Magic Mountain).

By: Carly Lewis

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