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Sun Araw – album details and tour dates

Sun Araw

The first thing to strike me about Sun Araw was that he seemed to have lifted his name from the self professed space-travelling civil rights activist and ancient Egypt enthusiast, Sun Ra. My suspicions were confirmed – Sun Araw sounds like he’s been stewing in an acid swamp for the last 35 years. I shouldn’t really be surprised – the scouts at Araw’s record label Not Not Fun seem to have a nose for unearthing the heaviest, trippiest of tropical-psych outfits. Sun Araw is no exception. His latest LP, On Patrol, is a heavy, sinister odyssey. Tracks regularly clock in at 8 minutes in length; the centrepiece ‘Conga Mind’ spans an epic 14 minutes. These things are tropical symphonies. Details fade into view like a photograph in the darkroom. Sun Araw’s patient, meditative build-ups are anchored by fuzz bass, punctuated with sparse afrobeat guitar licks and washed over with reverbed vocals. Imagine Miles Davis’s Bitches Brew being refracted a thousand times through Sun Ra’s crystal ball.

Sun Araw is hitting up the west coast this very month, check the list of his tour dates:

Sun Araw at  Synchronicity w/ GOLDEN RETRIEVER, BROTHER RAVEN, METAL ROUGE, Los Angeles, ca Today @ 8:00 PM

Sun Araw at  East Nile w/ Sex Worker, Deep Magic, Psychic Handbook, Oakland, California
Fri, June 18 @ 8:00 PM
Sun Araw at  Amnesia w/ Sex Worker, Earthen Sea, and more, san francisco, California
Sat, June 19 @ 8:00 PM
Sun Araw at  Synchronicity Space w/ Soft Healer, M. Geddes, Robedoor, Hollywood, California
Sat, July 03 @ 9:00 PM
Sun Araw at  Showcave w/ Pure Ecstacy, Sleepover, and Speculator, Los Angeles, CA
Fri, July 30 @ 8:30 PM
Sun Araw at  ECSTATIC KNOT at CURIO w/ Peaking Lights, Metal Rouge, TBA, los angeles, California
Mon, August 02 @ 8:00 PM
Sun Araw at  McWorld w/ Wampire, Reporter, Former Ghosts, Los Angeles, CA
Sat, August 28 @ 8:00 PM

by, Richard Greenan.

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