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Haunted House: Superb Suburbs

hauntedhouse Haunted House: Superb Suburbs

When you grow up in the suburbs then you know that everywhere you turn there is something that is awe inspiring and song inducing. The Suburbs are one of the main influences according to the bands website that inspired Haunted House’s music. Besides the fact that the band started from a vision and slowly moved into reality, if you can even call it that, with the addition to more members Haunted House has happy sounding music with relatively dark subject matter. In 2008 the band recorded three albums and they planned to stagger their release over the years, three albums in one year is a hell of a lot of albums which anyone on a band knows, sometimes it takes a band a whole practice just to decide what kind of pizza to order. I can only imagine how on top of it these guys are. To the contrary though the band says on their website according to Tevs Zine “It occurred to me that the four members of Haunted House sounded like they were playing in unison by sheer coincidence. Recent performances have paradoxically become tighter as the song structures have become looser and improv-oriented.” Clearly this is a band that will keep you guessing every time. None the less you can catch the latest release of the three albums “Guess Who’s Not Coming To Dinner” for sale at Insound.

By Aisha

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