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The Young Sinclairs tackle old sound

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Perhaps the things most lost in the folk and psychedelic rock revivals of recent years are the beautiful arrangements and melodies.  Lo-fi recording has driven musicians away from the one-time vital goal of elegant clarity.  This, though, is not an issue plaguing Roanoke, Virginia’s The Young Sinclairs.  The Young Sinclairs are a new band tackling the old sounds of the sixties with a brazen, remarkably unique sound.  The band rarely takes a wrong turn, tackling the most addictive early sounds of The Byrds, Stones, and Beatles, while keeping the tracks addictive and interesting.

The Young Sinclairs have three summer releases up for preorder: a 12” on Chimney Sweep, an EP on Plating Seeds Records, and a re-release of a self-released CDR on Funny Not Funny.  Those interested further can catch the band in scattered places in the next few weeks on their own as well as opening for Brian Jonestown Massacre.

By, Cassandra Gillig

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