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Salem, Creeping Their Way Into My Heart


Slow and steady wins the race, they always say. So when I put on “Snakes” by the band Salem (hailing from Michigan), I wasn’t expecting to hear the slow, electronic styles of a goth-rock band. But the more I heard, the more it slowly grew on me. Taking a lot of inspiration from the likes of the Cure, Salem sounds like an electronic mix of what you might hear in an abandoned warehouse on a rainy night. Sure, it may sound dark and scary at times, but it’s still pretty cool to listen to! I’ll let you make up your own mind about it (their music is on their website and also on their Myspace page), but I’m pretty sure I’m gonna be listening to them with a buddy, just to be safe!

By Alex Marga

Here’s their video for the song “Dirt”

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