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Dream Cop, Gazing At His Own Shoes

Dream Cop

Hailing from Blacksburg, VA, Tommy Davidson’s Dream Cop is bringing back the British fad “shoegazing” in the best way possible: lots of distortion and an array of soft vocals. With the record scratching in the background of every song, Dream Cop’s sound is reminiscent of The Cure mixed with a little bit of The Radio Dept. His voice is often quite and indistinct, but it makes for some great chill music, especially with the sweet keyboard melodies. Most of his music on the Dream Cop Myspace page is really chill (my personal favorite is “Basement Tapes,” which sort of reminds me of Radiohead), and it’s definitely something worth checking out!

By Alex Marga

Check out their video for the song “Warm Trash”.

YouTube Preview Image
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