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The Dodos Live @ The Independent, San Francisco

thedodos The Dodos Live @ The Independent, San Francisco
The With the drummer’s roots set in metal, the energy that you get from the kit is unmatched in modern indie folk/rock and yet still sounds and feels as though they are withholding, not due to a lack of talent or gut, but because the words and intent is better portrayed with a bit of restraint. Both Meric Long (lead singer) and Logan Kroeber (drummer extraordinaire) could wail beautifully for a full set but luckily the beauty of The Dodos lies in the meandering quality of their progressions, taking the listener from one extreme to the next with just 3 dudes (the third being the newest member and vibraphone badass Keaton Snyder). As you stand there, slightly tranced by the odd tempo of one of the most exciting drummers around, you get the feeling that they put a lot at stake with each of their songs. They don’t make it look easy or monotonous, they make it look pained and exhausting, but for all intensive purposes, it should be. The interesting and at times ironic dichotomy of Meric’s lyrics is perhaps the most unexpected aspect of this band. He plays love songs that neither promote nor disregard love itself. It simply is a love song because deep down you can tell he has/is in fact in love, but has no interest in gushing in the traditional sense. The live show is an absolute must-see, especially for fans already hooked on their infectious sound and luckily for me, I got to witness them in their own stomping grounds of San Francisco at one of the best intimate venues, The Independent. A lot like the feeling you get from listening to anyone one (of three) of their albums, the live show is completely void of gimmicks and contrivances. Indie rock at its purest yet grimiest form (the way its intended to be right?)…but hey, I’m already a shameless fan, judge for yourself. The Dodos will be on a non-stop tear through the U.S. all summer long opening up for the great New Pornographers.

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