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Leisure Birds: Four White Dudes with facial hair

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According to Mark Brenden of the Minnesota daily, “[The Leisure Birds] band of rock ‘n’ roll meets at a four-way intersection between the neo-’60s psychedelia of local juggernauts Velvet Davenport, the melodic brattiness of The Kinks, the whiskey-torched masculinity of Motörhead and the facial hair of The Guess Who . That recipe for success is topped off with the reverb-frosted vocals of singer Jake Luck, which stir appropriately into their stew of meaty bass lines, jangly guitar riffs, cigarettes, gasoline and pine tar. And whiskey. Can’t forget the whiskey.” Two things are for sure, this guy really likes whiskey, and the Leisure Birds defiantly have the essence of psychedelic elements. Although according to an interview done with the MN Daily, psychedelic drugs are not a part of the bands psychedelic music unless “Maybe if beer were a psychedelic drug.”

Though Leisure Birds could be labeled by some as a indie band, the band does not mind that so much, “ No, [we would not resent being called an indie band] We are four white dudes with facial hair. We are the definition of ‘indie rock band.’” Up next for these four white dudes? The Hexagon Bar, June 23rd for those who live close to Minneapolis.

By Aisha

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