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Hounds Of Hate and their addictive synth.

houndsofhate2 Hounds Of Hate and their addictive synth.

It appears that Hounds of Hate have tried to tap into something beautiful, the dichotomy of mellow and house. What comes out is something particularly deviant, part freaked out synth, part relaxed heavy beat that you could undoubtedly fall asleep to. Their latest single ‘I like Triangles’ almost reminds you of that moment when you are tearing through the city streets, recklessly unaware of your surroundings and safety, totally intrenched in your own persona, the soundtrack of your life plays on. Nothing groundbreaking comes out of this acid house mash-up but something soothingly disturbs and comforts you at the same time, like an ambien/adderral combination that is toying with your sense of equilibrium. Either way you sway, something bizarre and catchy hooks you in.

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By Carissa Donges

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