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Brooklyn’s Ava Luna = Love

avaluna Brooklyns Ava Luna = Love

If the Dirty Projectors were to spawn, their offspring would be Ava Luna. The seven piece Brooklyn-based band is an eclectic layering of synthesized sound and vocals that are so distinct and skilled, they could stand on their own. Yes, if the power goes out, Ava Luna could give any seasoned a cappella group a run for their money.

Last year saw the release of their full-length 3rd Avenue Island on Cooling Pie Records, and their EP Services was released early this year. The EP sets the mood by opening with “Clips,” a poppy, electronic mix mingled with sensational vocals that make the listener feel like their floating on their own private cloud of low-fi fusion – love! And while the EP is a mere four songs, each one that follows is just as excellent and clever as the first. Trios and quartets may try to tell you that more isn’t always better, however, Ava Luna proves otherwise.

June will keep Ava Luna busy with shows, most notably Hillstock 2010 (a Brooklyn DIY music festival), which is bound to be an amazing three days considering the line up of bands.

Ava Luna’s June dates:

06 June – Southpaw, Brooklyn, NY

10 June – YAI Benefit, New York, NY

11 June – Hillstock 2010, Brooklyn, NY

13 June – Santos Party House, New York, NY

17 June – Cake Shop, New York, NY

18 June – TBA, Baltimore, MD

19 June – Danger Danger Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

20 June – Comet Ping Pong, Washington, DC

21 June – Summer Solstice Party, Pittsburgh, PA

By: Amanda Chatel

Here’s “Past the Barbary,” from Services:

YouTube Preview Image
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