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Galaxie 500 catalogue reissued at last

ride the fiery breeze!

Boston outfit Galaxie 500 consisted of Dean Wareham, Naomi Yang and Damon Krukowski. Releasing 3 albums of dreamy, hazy guitar pop between 1980 and 1990, Galaxie 500 were touted as ‘one of the most influential bands to emerge from the late-80′s independent rock scene’ (New York Times). Despite the critical acclaim, record sales were poor and they disbanded unceremoniously in 1991, with Wareham joining Luna, and Yang and Krukowski deciding to continue recording together as Damon and Naomi. Over the following 20 years Galaxie 500′s albums – Today, On Fire, and This Is Our Music – gained a strong cult following. They are now being reissued through 20/20/20 Records.

Galaxie 500′s music is down-tempo, psychedelic, and ethereal. Aside from their own dreamy pop epics, the band give the likes of Joy Division and Jonathan Richman a warm, cosmic going over. Visit Galaxie 500′s myspace here, or purchase the remasters here!

By, Richard Greenan

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