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ART:Bjorn Copeland

BC 05 ART:Bjorn Copeland

Black Dice’s Bjorn Copeland does not only make weird experimental music he also works as a visual artist as well. You might be familiar with his art if you are a Black Dice fan already, he makes all of their album covers, posters, and t-shirts. He uses neon colors, interesting patterns and collaged elements to create most of his work. His visual art is definantley a reflection of his musical style which also happens to be in the realms of experimental collage. Download a complete Black Dice Performance on WFMU here.

BC 02 ART:Bjorn Copeland

BC 01 ART:Bjorn Copeland

BC 06 565x399 ART:Bjorn Copeland

BC 13 565x431 ART:Bjorn Copeland

BC 10 ART:Bjorn Copeland

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