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Stars as Eyes are Back, as Bulldozier

bulldozier crew Stars as Eyes are Back, as Bulldozier

Call it recycling or call it reincarnation, Brooklyn’s Stars as Eyes have regrouped after their break-up and returned as Bulldozier. Stephen Olson and Craig Dempsey (who formerly made up Stars as Eyes) are still in it together, working with a handful of helpers this time around who may have contributed to a rejuvenated sound.┬áTheir digital EP Smile Humor can (and should) be downloaded on Family Edition Records, and features the scary in a Trainspotting- kind-of-way track “Fuck You, I’m a Dinosaur”, which could very well be the music of choice if hosting the cast of The Night of the Living Dead to a rave (a compliment, entirely). ┬áTitle track “Smile Humor” is much less on edge than “Fuck You, I’m a Dinosaur”, at times weaving in and out of orchestral, perhaps pointing out the difference between a good trip and a bad one. For the record, in Bulldozier’s case, either option works out in the end.

By: Carly Lewis

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