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Frank Musarra’s Heart of Darkness

The Hearts of Darknesses

As a friend and former collaborator of Greg Gillis (aka Girl Talk), Frank Musarra is no stranger to making music out of unlikely ideas. Musarra self identifies as both a “Nirvana fanatic” and a “studio nerd”, two musically polar opposites which can really only be explained by the sound of The Hearts of Darknesses, at which point it all makes sense. “It’s a really hyperactive project done in just about the laziest way in the world, all on the computer”, says Musarra of the project in an interview with Chain D.L.K. “I’ve always wanted to integrate the computer music I do with the rock music I do, and I never got around to it. Playing in rock bands and playing computer music had always been really separate for me… I made a bunch of songs all of a sudden and then I started playing shows around with them. It just took me sitting down at my computer and yelling a lot.” 12″ Shit Fan Punx Get Busted is available via Swedish record label, Deleted Art, and the video for “Vibes” can be examined HERE.

By: Carly Lewis

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