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Finesse & Runway: We’re waiting…


When the Miami New Times refers to your band as “Freakazoid booty-bass duo” then I think that your band has officially made it. This is exactly how Finesse & Runway was described in a review of a show that they played with Ladyballs. Finesse & Runway is composed of producer Dino Felipe and vocalist Melba Libia. Felipe of course has his own claims to fame with his own musical endeavors, and is a known artist in the Miami scene. Both Felipe and Libia were long time friends from their younger days and have been making music ever since. Currently Dino Felipe is releasing music that can be heard on his WEBSITE. Though the band has yet to post any new stuff on their website, one thing is for sure that their music is still up and is as catchy as ever.

Article by: Aisha

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