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ART:Deniz Ozuygur

HIGHFIVE.6.4.2010.10x7150dpi22 ART:Deniz Ozuygur

( Above the self high five machine)

Deniz Ozuygur’s art is  thought out and then executed beautifully.  His work is highly experimental and humorous at times. His subject matter is drawn from pop culture (ex: the magically linked together Funyuns, it is a mystery to me how he was able to do that) and also his possibly his past childhood (ex: the locking of two brace faced  teenagers), and of course the birthday balloon with bows for eyes and ribbon hair.

funyun21 ART:Deniz Ozuygur

STUCK.FINAL .2010.hi 1 ART:Deniz Ozuygur

birthdaywish ART:Deniz Ozuygur

ImSorry2010 ART:Deniz Ozuygur

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