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Nodzzz concert in a nutshell

nodzzz luvvin

Last year I had the opportunity to watch Nodzzz perform in Cardiff South Glamorgan UK.   Before the guys took stage,  they sat timidly sipping beers under the giant red FUCK YOU (or is it ‘FUCK THIS’?) neon sign that hangs upstairs in the achingly hip Buffalo Bar.  When Nodzzz got up on stage, they were just as humble and honest – two guitarists and a drummer, with what looked like half a drumkit knocking out short sweet pop tunes.

It sounded as if the songs were written in a Nodzzz member’s bedroom within ten minutes, followed by rehearsed about once backstage. Both singers sang- charmingly off-kilter- with smiles on their faces.  The drummer thwacked at a tambourine he had balanced on top of a tomtom – who needs a snare?!?

Listening to their brilliant 2008 debut, entitled ‘Nodzzz’, I experience the same effect.  The entire album clocks in at under 20 minutes, the guitar licks are childish and the lyrics sound like they were lifted from the back page of a comic book.  But as a whole, Nodzzz’s music is charmingly addictive.

by: Richard Greenan

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