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Blue Jungle: Gritty and Real

Blue Jungle1 Blue Jungle: Gritty and Real

First of all, how can you not love a band that describes its taste in music as “anything that makes you want to take off your clothes, hug, or beat up your friends”? That’s the attitude that Blue Jungle brings with its music. Self-described as graveyard pop, their songs sound far-off, as if they’ve been recorded from a distance, and there’s this scratchy, gritty quality to it. It doesn’t make the music sound bad though, as if it’s some cheap mp3 rip. Blue Jungle actually gets it to work for them. Had they been around a couple of decades around they’d be much more popular, since sadly nowadays popularity seems to depend on the amount of auto-tune used. California readers, you’re in luck since they’re touring there right now and they also have a show in Oregon. Check them out HERE or at their rather entertaining blog HERE.

By Sophia Chen

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