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UH HUH HER working on Sophomore Album

uhhuhher UH HUH HER working on Sophomore Album

Photo by: Curve Magazine

When I first heard Uh Huh Her‘s single “Not A Love Song” I had two thoughts in pretty rapid succession:

1) Why don’t I know who this is?

2) I want to crank this track while I clean my kitchen.

Granted, the kitchen part is irrelevant, I just really needed to wash dishes.  The fact remains, I was psyched to incorporate the indie-electropop duo into my daily life. Taking their name as an hommage to PJ Harvey, Uh Huh Her emerged back  in January of 2007 and released their EP later within the same year.  Bandmates, Camila Grey and Leisha Hailey, are equally beautiful and talented women with a shared penchant for cascading, seductive vocals.

Their second album is currently in the works with a release date to be announced.

By, A. Valentine

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