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Sleep Over: Making Cassettes Takes Time

SLEEPOVER Sleep Over: Making Cassettes Takes Time

If you thought that cassette tapes were gone and mp3’s were all the rage, then you obviously are not a fan of Sleep Over. Even though the last time that I had a sleep over was probably the last time I heard a cassette tape, that is not stopping this experimental, electro pop band from the U.S Virgin Islands. Believe it or not the limited edition of “Dark as Night” that was released on Bathetic Records that also has Terminal Twilight and Survive on the tape, has been sold out and the band is working on selling out “Tape on Night” also. So what makes this music so special that people are willing to invest countless minutes having to rewind and fast forward tapes?  It could be the moaning vocals that have been set to ultra re-verb. As of yet the band only has one date up on their Myspace but they are working on more, they might be able to only do one date at a time because lets face it: making cassette tapes these days takes time.

Download S.O.T.R compilation volume #1 featuring SLEEP OVER and a bunch of other cool bands

By: Aisha Alder

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