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GOBBLE GOBBLE offer bizarre smorgasbord

gobblegobbleband GOBBLE GOBBLE offer bizarre smorgasbord

Photo by: Landon Speers

How about this for a net experiment. Click here and instantly vom . That’s Gobble Gobble’s myspace. Dear God. Behold the chunder-making pastiche. A cackling Venus de Milo sprouts from stone henge and shoots flames at us from her nips. Shitsus and snowmen roam lurid pixelfields dotted with pink fingerflowers. It’s almost as alarming as the Japanese Prime Minister’s recent wardrobe malfunction. Look at it- The clashing plaid, the impervious lip-curl, those lurking po-faced yes men. Surely this is the picture of a man going insane. Jacket first. Wait … what was I … ah yes! Gobble Gobble: the hyper-pop project of Canadian Cecil Frena – a man who serves up giant dishes of cultural cannibalism for fun. Burp. Listening to this feels like being beaten around the face with a glossy children’s encyclopedia. Expect schizophrenic drum machines, ecstatically distorted vocals, synths blended with acoustic loops and washed over with Odd Nosdam-style waves of static. A sped-up Pixies kedgeree tips the hat to fellow electro nutter M.I.A., whereas formless classical/white noise collage ‘Eggs in Carrion’ exhibits Frena’s more experimental tendencies.

Gobble Gobble are currently unsigned, yet are valiantly touring Canada with the rather lovely Braids. Check out Cecil Frena’s twitter here!

By Richard Greenan.

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