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Gossip: more of that for this band please!

thegossip Gossip: more of that for this band please!

Gossip, formerly known as The Gossip, is an American indie punk/rock band that has regularly pushed boundaries, and not just in the music scene. Lead singer Beth Ditto is not only a staunch supporter of the LGBT community and feminism, but also promotes having a healthy body image. Their song “Standing in the Way of Control” was written as a response to the federal law amendment that outlawed same-sex marriage. I’m just saying. It’s pretty rare finding rocking indie bands that are active and vocal for causes they believe in, instead of causes that are “in” or “trendy”. But back to their music. It’s very energetic rock and roll, and Ditto brings a powerful voice to the mix. I strongly recommend “Heavy Cross”, which starts out slow only to explode later on with some seriously guitar work.

Check them out here, and definitely check them out if you live in Europe since they’re touring there at the moment and will continue to do so until the first week of June.

By Sophia Chen

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