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Elite Gymnastics work on new album

Elite Gymnastic

It is hard to believe that their music was solely produced in a studio created in one of the band member’s room. This duo who creates Elite Gymnastics, James Brooks and Josh Clancy from Minneapolis, MN, definitely puts dynamic in their music. The music puts you in an absolute trance. Steady beats, sometimes strong and sometimes slow, funky and soulful at times, are amazingly coordinated. The lyrics are simple and repetitive, giving audience nice tune to follow. Elite Gymnastic never stays on the same page. They are always evolving and changing. Even on live stages—they tell me that they like to bring in their friends for live sets and have them play different parts with guitar, drums and voices. They have recently released their four tracks to the public through Psychedlic Surf Club and will continue post their music on that website. They are also working on a new album but the release date is yet to be announced.

By: Suzy Sim

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