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Howling Bells: more bell than howl

howling bells nme radio 2 Howling Bells: more bell than howl

Maybe it’s just because I’m at the end of a long day, but Australian band Howling Bells are a great way to just sit back and relax. It’s not your stereotypical type of soothing music though, it’s alternative rock. But the tempo is never too quick and the guitar is never too raging. Steady chords and beats keep things simple and catchy, and moody lyrics keep you captivated. The release of their debut album brought critical praise and press, a high point after the breakup of their previous band, Waikiki. Unlike what happens to many other bands where they peter out after they explode into the music scene, they’ve actually managed to keep up with the quality of their work. They not currently on tour or playing anywhere, instead working on their third album, which will hopefully be released in 2010.

By Sophia Chen

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